Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

What are hearing aids?

A hearing aid is a battery powered electronic device which helps people with hearing loss to improve their hearing. These devices are worn at ear level, very small, discreet and programmable. They can be worn throughout the day and can be fine-tuned for your specific hearing loss and lifestyle to provide a custom ‘sound fit’ that suits your needs.

Modern hearing aids have features designed to protect your ears from sudden loud noises and classifiers which adjust the hearing aid to the sounds around you. Hearing aids also have wireless connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity options that enables you to connect your hearing aids directly to audio devices like a TV, mobile phone and MP3 player.

Styles of hearing aids

As shown in the diagram below hearing aids come in a range of different styles. They can be fitted behind the ear or in the ear and there is a number of different aesthetic styles available and how the particular hearing aid has been selected for your needs. Our hearing aids are priced in line with our service delivery and expertise.

styles of hearing aids

The style of hearing aid best suited for you is mainly based on your hearing level and your environment. If you have a very significant hearing loss, traditionally the larger behind the ear hearing aids are needed to provide you the best hearing clarity possible. However, with improving technology, the smaller devices are becoming increasingly powerful and can be suitable for many different levels of hearing loss.

Hearing aid technology

The hearing aid technology best suited to you is dependent on your unique lifestyle and hearing loss. As different people have different lifestyles, they require different hearing aid technology. This is because the technology in hearing aids affects the hearing aids ability to work in different listening situations. If you have a lifestyle that requires hearing in a range of different situations like with the family, at work or on a sporting field you will need a different hearing aid to a person who does not need to hear in these complex listening environments.

At Cluasa Hearing we are dedicated to working with you to select the style of hearing aid best suited to your needs.To determine the best hearing aids for you we assess your hearing loss, lifestyle and the environment where you need your hearing aids. We are dedicated to listening to you, helping you and guiding you in any way we can to choosing the best hearing aid for your needs.

Hearing aid pricing

Hearing aids at Cluasa Hearing are priced based on our mission to deliver the best hearing aids and service experience to you. At all times our audiologist is focused on listening to you, answering your questions and helping you in any way we can. Maria is dedicated to making sure you receive the best hearing aids for your unique needs and will help develop a personalised hearing solution that best suits your lifestyle.

When paying for a service at the Cluasa Hearing you are really paying for:

  • A clinician who listens to all your queries
  • A clinician who you can trust.
  • A clinician who addresses your needs.
  • A clinician practicing the best research based care.
  • A clinician who provides ongoing care and maintenance.
  • A clinician who will diligently guide you through your hearing journey.

Ongoing care and getting the most out of your hearing aids

At Cluasa Hearing our clinician is dedicated to supporting you through every step of the hearing journey and provide ongoing care after you receive your hearing aids. When you purchase a hearing aid at Cluasa Hearing, we provide a 30 day money back guarantee. You also receive free appointments for 6 months after your hearing aids so your audiologist can adjust your hearing aids and ensure you are getting the best hearing results.

At Cluasa Hearing we know it takes time to get used to using hearing aids and our expert clinician is committed to supporting you through the process. At Cluasa Hearing our focus is you. We know how much you may rely on your hearing aids so we provide loan hearing aids if your hearing aids need to be sent away for repair. At Cluasa Hearing we are committed to making sure you get the best hearing results and helping you on every step of your hearing journey.

If you or a family member would like a full hearing test and would like to discuss hearing aids as a hearing solution, call 083 8552745 to book an appointment with our specialist clinician.

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