Swim Protection

Swim Protection

Custom made moulded swim plugs

Custom made moulded swim plugs provide a solution for adults and children who are prone to ear infections and those who have grommets, perforated ear drums or sensitive ears. They are designed to seal the ear and prevent water from entering the ear canal, keeping them dry and protected.

There are many different types of ear plugs. The trial-and-error process to determine which ones work and fit best can be quite frustrating not to mention generic swim plugs can be difficult to insert and uncomfortable for children. Since this is our area of expertise and we’ve spent many years testing different products, we highly recommend custom and floatable swim plugs. These are custom moulded swim plugs that have easy-grip molded handles for placement and removal and are made with a soft, velvety silicone. Kids love them because they get to pick the colour, or colour(s), to match their swimsuits, swim team or just their fun personalities. Parents love them because they’re bright (read: easy to find), they float (again, easy to find), and they keep ears perfectly clean and dry. With custom swim plugs, we simply take an impression of the ear (a quick, easy and painless procedure), send off the impression with the colour choice(s) and then the new ear plugs arrive approximately 2 weeks later.

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